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The Fun Factory are two small nurseries that are friendly and family run.


My name is Donna and I own and manage The Fun Factory Day nurseries with my husband Mark.  We opened our first nursery in Camberley in 2005.

When we opened we wanted to create a home from home environment for the children that came to the nursery. We also wanted to keep the cost of childcare as low as possible whilst still being a viable business, and also still having the funds available to re-invest in the nursery. The nursery at Camberley is in a beautiful large Victorian building with plenty of outside space and has a very calm homely feel.


We believe that every nursery needs a strong management team, our ethos is to lead by example. We believe in managers having a ‘hands on’ approach and that a strong management presence should be felt throughout the day. This supports the whole team to ensure that we are always striving for best practice for our children.  Our strong leadership was noted and commented upon during our last OFSTED inspection where we were awarded an ‘Outstanding’.  


We have devoted the last 7 years into improving the quality of childcare that we provide, this we have achieved by continually investing in our staff and the nursery building itself. After owning and managing the Camberley Fun factory for 7 years we felt that the time was right to start a new nursery. In February 2013 we opened The Fun Factory Woking.


Mark found a large converted bungalow just a few minutes from Woking town centre. He has spent the last 6 months decorating and overseeing improvements such as the construction of a new conservatory and the addition of a large gated decked area in the baby garden. During this time both Mark and I have also been putting together a strong team for this new nursery.


I work full time, spending my time between the two nurseries, supporting both of the nursery managers and their teams. Mark’s role is to keep track of all the business side of the nurseries, this means that both the managers and I can concentrate on and have the freedom to spend our time with the children and to oversee the daily running of each nursery and their team.