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Camberley Rooms 

Baby Room

Our baby room is a small unit registered for 21 babies under 2 years, this gives the unit a homely and comfortable feel.


This means we are able to focus on each individual baby giving them plenty of love, security and attention.  Our baby room consists of 4 rooms, we have a 6mths to 'walkers' section which is called Roos and a 'walkers' to 2 years which is called Piglets

The rooms are light and bright and offer a wide range of toys to interest and stimulate your child.

Our staff are experienced and well versed in the care of babies, our staff also receive on going training to ensure they plan daily to offer a variety of activities during your child's time at the nursery.

The under two's have their own fenced off garden area to keep them safe whilst playing outside, this also helps to keep them safe from the older more robust children at the nursery.

The timetable for the under two's at the nursery is both flexible and relaxed, this is to hopefully enable us to mirror your routines at home.

When your baby starts with us at the nursery we try to make the transition as easy and gentle as possible for both parent and child. We encourage pre- start visits, during this early stage we discuss with you your babies needs and requirements, for instance sleep patterns and feeding patterns.

Owls 3-5's room


We operate under the government's reviewed EYFS curriculum throughout the nursery, we observe and plan individually for all our children, from 6mths to five years.


We offer Early Years Free Entitlement for our Pre-school children aged 3 and 4. The children have access to a well resourced in door and out door play areas.


Our unique nursery provides an environment which enhances the children's learning.

We are a family run nursery and therefore not part of a chain, this means we have the flexibility to adjust our setting to meet the individual needs of our children.


We aim to encourage the children to freely express themselves, and grow in confidence by working both on their own and in small groups, supported by our trained staff. We also encourage children to develop independence in their ability to work, dress and personal hygiene.

The children's progress and achievements are recorded on an individual child record which incorporates assessments, achievements and general observations.

Tiggers 2-3 years


The objective of the nursery is to help children to develop into confident, happy and independent individuals. The encouragement to achieve this happens throughout the nursery but it is especially important for the children at this age as these years are so formative and will have a fundamental effect on their future development.


At this time children are very inquisitive and are learning new skills at a rapid rate. We want to provide an environment where they can have fun whilst having opportunities to discover, explore and learn in a safe but stimulating environment.


We believe that good behaviour comes from having realistic expectations appropriate to the child's stage of development and from having clear understanding of these expectations.


We expect some of the children at this age to be in nappies, we do not believe in potty training before the child has shown that he or she is ready. We will help you to toilet train children at the appropriate time.


We ask parents to provide a bag containing a change of clothing for the inevitable accident, along with nappies, wipes and creams if required.

The Garden


The garden is a large secure garden which is divided into two areas. One area for the over 2's and a fenced off area for the babies.


The boundary of the garden is enclosed by a large 7ft close boarded panel wooden fence, the fence totally encompasses both gardens and is completely secure.


We have attempted to make the garden a more rustic natural environment for the children so that the children will experience natural textures and surfaces.


The garden will be the next project at the nursery, over the coming months there will be on-going improvements one of which will include the building of an outside covered area so the children can benefit from being outside even during inclement weather.


All of the activities that the children do inside the nursery we encourage to be done outside in the garden, by doing this it gives the children more freedom to express themselves.


We try to use the garden in all weathers and ask the parents to provide coats, hats and gloves for the children