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‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Inspection


We were awarded an ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED inspection in April 2011. The inspector commented on …


‘Overall, the strong organisation, leadership and management and rigorous self-evaluation are key strengths within the nursery.’


‘Those in charge have an extremely positive 'can do' attitude, which inspires and gives confidence to all those working in the nursery. The setting is led by the owner and a well-qualified manager who is in charge of the day-to-day operation and effectively steers and monitors the nursery. The nursery has an excellent staffing team who benefit from high levels of training. There is a sharp focus on improving standards and very good quality assurance systems that ensure future plans for children are effective and sustainable. As a result, the nursery has made exceptionally good progress since the last inspection and all the previous recommendations have been addressed in full. Staff show an exceptional commitment to treating children as unique individuals’