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Woking Rooms 



Our Explorer’s room at The Fun Factory provides a calm but stimulating environment for the babies and young toddlers to explore.


There is a sleep area that allows your child to rest, as and when needed.


Our Explorers has a very relaxed routine as it is essential that we mirror the routine of their home as much as possible. We understand every child is an individual and at this young age in particular routines can vary greatly depending on a child’s needs.


Practitioners will work closely with you from the beginning to get a full understanding of a child’s needs and routine to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your child.  


Children will have access to a wide range of resources and materials. Babies and children will get love, nurture and security, to ensure this happens we operate a key person system. All children are allocated a key person when they start at the nursery, this person will ensure they get to know your child and understand their needs fully. They will plan activities to meet their individual needs using the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and build a relationship with both the child and the family. All children have a learning journey which will comprise of observations, photos and achievements, parents are welcome to see their child’s learning journey at any time.


We cater for all ages under 2, we have treasure baskets for the younger babies as well as sand, water and painting.


Babies and young children learn a lot through their senses so the Explorers room will have lots of exciting messy activities for them to explore using their whole bodies.


Part of the Explorers is our beautiful conservatory, the children will have their meals in here as well as many other activities throughout the day. It leads out onto purpose built decking so the children can enjoy the outdoors.


The Explorers have a designated fenced off play area and decking to ensure they are able to play and explore safely in a separate area from our Discoverers (over 2’s) who are at a stage where they are more robust and have different needs whilst playing. They will still have many opportunities to interact with the Discoverers as we believe all children should have opportunities to interact with children of different ages to develop their personal and social skills.


Staff working in this room have experience with babies and are passionate about helping them grow and develop. They are sensitive to their needs and will offer lots of love, reassurance and security. Staff are continuously updating their skills and knowledge through training to ensure the children are always the number one priority.




Our Discoverers area is fun and exciting and provides a great base for learning. Discoverers has four rooms which the children can access freely as well as having a wonderful outdoor area.


We have many different resources in our Discoverers; we have a computer which is safe for children to use, an extensive role play area, numerous maths and science resources and a designated messy play area. We know children of this age need constant challenges so within these rooms we offer a wide range of activities to suit everyone. In our Discoverers we encourage independence and help children develop this in an unrushed sensitive way.


We strongly believe children should only be potty trained when they are ready and our trained practitioners are happy to offer advice and support.


Children in Discoverers will have constant access to the garden which will be equipped with a mud kitchen, so please don’t send them in their best clothes! Practitioners are trained to work with the over 2’s and will support them in working towards and achieving the requirements and early learning goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


We like to ensure children are prepared for school in a loving nurturing environment. We will make links with local schools to ensure transition is as smooth as it can be. We lead by example and encourage children to be kind to others and respect their environment.


We have daily circle time that includes talking about the weather, singing and other various themes of the children’s interests. We encourage children to be confident in both groups and independently as well. One of the rooms in the Discoverers will be used for meal and snack times as well as some exciting table top activities.


Children will have constant access to text and numbers in all the activities that they will encounter, this enables them to gain early literacy and numeracy skills. All activities planned by practitioners will take into account a child’s interest and stage of development.


Practitioners have been trained to deliver activities in a way that your child will be constantly learning new things. We do not ‘teach’ children as we strongly believe children under five learn through play, the curriculum that we follow: The Early Years Foundation Stage supports this.


Our highly trained practitioners have the skills to help develop your child’s learning through play and enable them to become strong independent little people. Children who start in reception continue with the same curriculum until they start year one. We ensure we provide each and every child the best possible start.